About the Ziptrek Giants

The Ziptrek Giants is an employee-led initiative that was founded in 2019. The team meets once a month to discuss and address sustainable initiatives in our business, community, and beyond. They have hosted a number of fundraisers, including movie screenings and educational workshops. The group also organizes employee challenges that aim to educate our team on sustainable choices.

Ecological Curriculum

The Ziptrek Giants help implement and develop our ecological curriculum which we share on our Ziptrek and TreeTrek tours. By engaging our team in the curriculum that we deliver on our tours we keep the content relevant and engaging for employees and guests alike.

Merchandise Donation Program

In 2020, the Giants launched a Merchandise Donation Program. $5 from photo, video, and branded merchandise product is donated to a charitable organization of the guest's choice.

Guests choose from three organizations that rotate regularly. The charities are chosen by our staff and/or based on recent worldwide events.

Since starting the program in 2020, with our guest's help have been able to make over $5,500 in donations.

On the Line Web Series

You can follow The Giants' stories through our web series, “On The Line” which showcases the initiatives the team has been up to. You can also follow the hashtag #ziptrekgiants on social media.

On The Line - Episode One - The Radicals Fundraiser.mp4

On The Line - Episode 1 - Radicals Fundraiser

Ziptrek was able to share an exclusive screening of The Radicals movie with the filmmaker himself, Brian Hockenstein, and Latoya and Florence Jack of the Xwisten First Nation in attendance.
In partnership with Beyond Boarding and Ecologyst Whistler, Ziptrek hosted 30 guests to an after hours zip and screening to raise funds for the first nations communities featured in the film.
On The Line - Episode Two - eXXpedition Workshop.mp4

On The Line - Episode 2 - Exxpedition Workshop

Ziptrek in partnership with Ecologyst Whistler hosted a workshop run by Nikkey Dawn, writer, documentary photographer and former Ziptrek guide.The initiative, held over two nights at Ziptrek’s off the grid A-Frame cabin, highlighted the important work being done by eXXpedition, an organization that supports all women research voyages, that bring awareness to the plastic pollution crisis.

Photos and Videos by Michael Marchment

Art Designed by Nikkey Dawn