Fair Trade

What do we mean?

One of the most recognised fairtrade labels globally is the mark of the International Fairtrade system. This mark identifies products that fulfill social, environmental and economic standards that are agreed upon internationally and involve trading at better prices, traceability, and decent working conditions and fairer deals for the farmers and workers in developing countries.

Bananas, cocoa and coffee were the most sold fairtrade labelled products in 2018 according to Fairtrade International which owns and licenses several certification marks that differentiate between products composed of a single fairtrade ingredient (such as bananas and coffee), products that contain at least 20% fairtrade ingredients (such as chocolate), and products that contain a single fairtrade ingredient.

There's an abundance of information about how Fairtrade International is helping towards a better food system on their website.

As part of the Natural Step we are encouraged to follow Care Instruction 4 - Cake:

to be conscious and share with others to ensure that all human needs are met - everyone gets a slice of the CAKE.

Buying Fairtrade is an easy way to ensure you are supporting fair wages and compensation for the products we import here to Canada and resting assured people are not subjected to unfair working conditions.

Where can we shop in BC?

Look for the Fairtrade logo on processed/packaged goods as well as fresh produce in your supermarkets and grocery stores.

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is about stable prices, decent working conditions and the empowerment of farmers and workers around the world