Can you compost in Whistler?

Composting is the process by which microorganisms break down organic material aerobically to produce a soil conditioner rich in nutrients which can be used instead of synthetic fertilisers. Composting requires space and is easy to do in rural and suburban areas, but less easy in cities where the vast majority of organic waste ends up in landfill.

Some cities and municipalities offer curbside collection of food waste from households for recycling (turning into biogas or compost). These schemes have a wide range of benefits including diverting biodegradable waste from landfill and reducing waste disposal costs.

Here in Whistler this is unrealistic as curbside pick-up would be problematic given the population of hungry and resourceful black bears in the summer as well as the need to regularly snow plow roads throughout the winter. Food scraps can be collected inside the home however, and taken to composting collection sites in Function Junction and Whistler (Nesters). From here the residential and commercial food scraps are brought to the Whistler Compost Facility in the Callaghan Valley or to Sea To Sky Soils in Pemberton for composting.

If you live in the City of Vancouver, they have a curbside collection scheme for food scraps. The practices around commercial composting can vary greatly between one municipality to the next, so it's always important to research the accepted materials in your area.

City of Vancouver - Food Scraps allowed in your curbside collection

Resources for home composting and collecting food scraps - Composting. A Household Guide

A guide explaining the biology of composting and how it works, what can be composted, different composting systems and how to use your compost. is a website and app that enables people to turn their waste into new soil and fertiliser by connecting them with other community members. It helps you find someone in your neighbourhood who's willing to accept extra scraps and compost it or feed it to their worms or animals.

A quick look on the map shows many markers on Vancouver Island, lower mainland, Kamloops, Williams Lake (Canada's only drive-through compost!), Prince George and all the way up in Fort St John!

Get the app here:

Whistler Composting Facility

Sea to Sky Soils Composting Facility